Mobile Developer

Experience: 4 - 8 yrs

iOs/AndroidCocoa FrameworkObjective CSwift/Java

Our Purpose and Challenges

With over 47% market-share, MakeMyTrip is India’s first and biggest travel company. In fact, one in every four passengers at an airport is our customer. Driven by the desire to provide an exceptional travel experience for our customers, we have continuously stayed ahead of the curve by developing technology and products to meet the ever-changing demands of the rapidly evolving travel ecosystem.

We are currently solving multiple challenging problems, including -
  • How to bring the next 100 million users to our platform?
  • How to leverage customer insights to create a truly personalised experience for users?
  • How to create a delightful experience for our users, to make travel synonymous to MMT?

If this excites you, join us for a rewarding, fulfilling and enriching career.

“Not only do we make the best trips for our customers, we also promise the trip of a lifetime to our employees! Everyday, our teams solve challenging problems for millions of users by leveraging the latest technology, while having loads of fun. Every day is a new trip for them, and that is precisely why we call them Trippers!”

- Sanjay Mohan, Group CTO, MakeMyTrip

About the opportunity

What you’ll be doing:
  • You’ll design and architect new features on Mobile Application development.
  • You’ll be involved all aspects of development, playing a critical role in design, planning, development and deployment.
  • You'll Develop robust, quick prototypes for proof-of concept features / application based on briefs.
  • You’ll coordinate with all lines of business to delivery an entire piece of a system or application.

What you’ll bring to the table:
  • Your extensive knowledge in Data structures, Algorithms, ORM and Design Patterns.
  • You’ll bring extensive experience in mobile development along with the best practices as per language (iOs/Android) guidelines.
  • Your ability to thrive in complexity and a strong desire to collaborate with colleagues to deliver projects.
  • If you have work experience in a Consumer Product/E-Commerce company, we’ll like you even more.

Interview Process & Prep Notes

  1. Coding Assessment

    Swift / Objective-C Language (iOS), Java Language (Android), Object-Oriented Programming concepts
    Deep dive into iOS - You should be well versed with the basics of iOS Swift, Objective-C and Object-Oriented Programming concepts along with having good hands on in Cocoa Frameworks, Analysing & fixing the random crashes. Deep dive into Android - You should be well versed with the basics of Java and Object-Oriented Programming concepts along with having good hands on in Android Frameworks, Analysing & solving complex problems.
  2. Data Structure And Problem Solving

    Array,LinkedList, Stack, Binary Tree, Hash Tables, Heap
    Like every invention has a necessity, engineering at MMT also has one. Data structures and Algorithms have stood the test of time and have helped us solve our daily engineering problems. Binary Tree,Linked List, Algorithm Design, Dynamic Programming,Graphs are our best friends.
  3. Design Patterns

    Creational pattern, Class creation,Object Creation,Structural pattern, Behavioural pattern
    Design patterns help you learn from others’ successes instead of your own failures. Object-oriented design has now become an essential, almost mandatory, vocabulary for programmers and we expect you to know it all.
  4. Team Fitment

    Behavioural Assessment, Culture Fit, Project Knowledge, Role Operation
    Be yourself. It works out better for everyone if we're genuine and can see if we're a cultural fit for each other. Everyone here is focused on our mission, so you should figure out what it is.

Learning & Growth

All Trippers get instant access to learning academies, e-learning portals like Udemy, Codeacademy etc, education loans, sponsorship for conferences, skill development programs, and much more. Not to mention the incredible learning opportunity you will undoubtedly receive from working with leaders and colleagues that are at the top of their game!

Learning Academies

Continuous Education Scheme


Peer Learning


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Sanjay Mohan

Group CTO, MakeMyTrip

With extensive engineering leadership experience in established firms as well as startup/incubation setup, Sanjay brings over 20 years of solid, technical/managerial experience, across US and India geography.

Venkatesh Bhardwaj

Senior VP Engineering

A senior technology leader with 17+ years of experience in software development for e-commerce and enterprise market in startup as well as large organisations, Venky is a technology evangelist and is currently responsible for software development, Quality assurance, program management and support/operations at MakeMyTrip.

Satish Mani

Senior VP Engineering

Satish has over 2 decades of rich experience in building B2B & B2C applications in CRM, travel eCommerce & retail eCommerce domains. Most recently he was the founder & CTO of the, "littleapp" and currently leads the technology function for flights & payments at MakeMyTrip.

Sambit Sarangi

VP Engineering

An Engineering leader with 20+ years of multi-disciplinary experience in IT products and Services organization. Thought leadership in building large IOT & Data systems and excellent understanding of Digital and New Age technologies.

Amlesh Kumar Sinha

Director Engineering

Having experience in software design and development for eCommerce, mobile development, product management, web integration and enterprise architecture. Subject Matter Expertise in SOA, Caching, Multithreaded Aggregator, Cart, Checkout, Payment Services and Post Order Processes

Dhiraj Indhankar

Associate Director Engineering

With more than 14+ years of experience in mobile, telecom and artificial intelligence domain. Dhiraj has extensively worked in the development of iOS apps, Android apps, & Blackberry apps. He has previously led product and delivery at organizations like HopTo Inc, Simpson Strongtie, Obopay Mobile Technologies and GoldSpot Media.

People in the team come from companies like


Top Benefits

  1. Open leave policy

  2. Flexi working

  3. Stock options

  4. Team Offsites

  5. Own Your Car Program

  6. Life Insurance

  7. Maternity / Paternity Benefit

  8. Comprehensive Insurance Benefits for Self and Family

  9. Holidays at Attractive Prices

  10. Volunteer at MMT Foundation

Download and get set to jet to a new location

Call us selfish - but we really appreciate people who book travel on MakeMyTrip. This will give us a lot to talk about during our meeting. Book travel here and will also get to learn a lot from the comments and ratings, what is working and where can we improve and be better. Feel free to ask us questions! We will be happy to answer anything.

If this excites you, Apply for this opportunity!

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