Data Engineer

Experience: 4 - 8 yrs

Spark StreamingKafkaNoSQLScala/JavaMongo DB / HDFS / HBASE

Our Purpose and Challenges

With over 47% market-share, MakeMyTrip is India’s first and biggest travel company. In fact, one in every four passengers at an airport is our customer. Driven by the desire to provide an exceptional travel experience for our customers, we have continuously stayed ahead of the curve by developing technology and products to meet the ever-changing demands of the rapidly evolving travel ecosystem.

We are currently solving multiple challenging problems, including -
  • How to bring the next 100 million users to our platform?
  • How to leverage customer insights to create a truly personalised experience for users?
  • How to create a delightful experience for our users, to make travel synonymous to MMT?

If this excites you, join us for a rewarding, fulfilling and enriching career.

“Not only do we make the best trips for our customers, we also promise the trip of a lifetime to our employees! Everyday, our teams solve challenging problems for millions of users by leveraging the latest technology, while having loads of fun. Every day is a new trip for them, and that is precisely why we call them Trippers!”

- Sanjay Mohan, Group CTO, MakeMyTrip

About the opportunity

What you’ll be doing
  • You accurately estimate and implement machine learning models on 1.8 TB of data volume generated every day
  • You will build pipelines for feature engineering by integrating data from different data sources.
  • You’ll meticulously develop and deploy production data pipelines (batch + real time).
  • You architect and design scalable data services that are consumed by millions of users.
  • You will skillfully implement performance engineering of big data systems.
What you’ll bring to the team:
  • You’ll bring the compulsory and essential experience of working with distributed systems software development.
  • You’ll bring demonstrated experience of production experience in big data infrastructure and data modeling.
  • You’ll bring critical experience performance optimization for both data loading and data retrieval.
  • You have know-how of Spark/Kafka.
  • You have invaluable knowledge in AWS Deployment, Docker and Kubernetes.

Interview Process & Prep Notes

  1. Coding Assessment

    Basic Coding,Spark,Kafka,MySQL,Streaming,Cassandra
    You should be very well versed in building and designing large scale applications. Understand the pros and cons of using relational and noSQL databases. Know how to design effective pipelines for both batch and streaming use cases.
  2. Data Structure And Problem Solving

    Array,LinkedList, Stack, Binary Tree, Hash Tables, Heap
    Like every invention has a necessity, engineering at MMT also has one. Data structures and Algorithms have stood the test of time and have helped us solve our daily engineering problems. Binary Tree, Linked List, Algorithm Design, Dynamic Programming, Graphs are our best friends.
  3. Simulation Exercise

    Coding Assessment, Data Ingestion And Processing
    An effective data ingestion process begins by prioritizing data sources, validating individual files and routing data items to the correct destination. Your experience as a data engineering is crucial for this round. Be prepared to answer some simulation-based questions during our interviews. From system design for an e-commerce platform to component interaction.
  4. Team Fitment

    Behavioural Assessment, Culture Fit, Project Knowledge, Role Operation
    Be yourself. It works out better for everyone if we're genuine and can see if we're a cultural fit for each other. Everyone here is focused on our mission, so you should figure out what it is.

Learning & Growth

All Trippers get instant access to learning academies, e-learning portals like Udemy, Codeacademy etc, education loans, sponsorship for conferences, skill development programs, and much more. Not to mention the incredible learning opportunity you will undoubtedly receive from working with leaders and colleagues that are at the top of their game!

Learning Academies

Continuous Education Scheme


Peer Learning


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Sanjay Mohan

Group CTO, MakeMyTrip

With extensive engineering leadership experience in established firms as well as startup/incubation setup, Sanjay brings over 20 years of solid, technical/managerial experience, across US and India geography.

Madhu Gopinathan

SVP Engineering

Madhu has extensive experience in developing large scale systems using machine learning and natural language processing in both USA and India. He has been granted multiple US patents, holds a PhD in the mathematical modeling of systems from the IISc, Bangalore and an MS in computer science from the University of Florida, USA.

Piyush Kumar

Director Engineering

Serving as director of data engineering for MMT with over a decade of experience in building large-scale high-performance systems and architecting data products, Piyush is currently leading key strategic initiatives in data products for personalisation, customer segmentation and developing engagement platform over BigData systems.

Saurabh Dubey

Senior Principal Data Engineer

As a Senior principal data engineer, Saurabh is responsible for solutions of analytical problems across multiple business domain with expertise in Kafka, Spark, Cassandra and data analytics. Prior to this, Saurabh was associated with the Internet of Things (IoT) cloud service at Oracle.

Himanshu Patidar

Senior Principal Data Engineer

Himanshu has over 9+ years of experience in software engineering, both at large companies and multiple startups. He has successfully built intelligent data platforms, petabyte scale big data on-premise platforms, large data warehouses on AWS and multiple enterprise applications.

Sulabh Grover

Lead Data Engineer

With 8+ years of relevant experience in data engineering, Sulabh has experience in Cassandra, Kafka, RabbitMQ, Hadoop, Apache Storm, Apache Spark and AWS with strong problem solving expertise in batch and real time data processing.

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Top Benefits

  1. Open leave policy

  2. Flexi working

  3. Stock options

  4. Team Offsites

  5. Own Your Car Program

  6. Life Insurance

  7. Maternity / Paternity Benefit

  8. Comprehensive Insurance Benefits for Self and Family

  9. Holidays at Attractive Prices

  10. Volunteer at MMT Foundation

Download and get set to jet to a new location

Call us selfish - but we really appreciate people who book travel on MakeMyTrip. This will give us a lot to talk about during our meeting. Book travel here and will also get to learn a lot from the comments and ratings, what is working and where can we improve and be better. Feel free to ask us questions! We will be happy to answer anything.

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